Grateful for the love

I’m so Grateful for the love that my book Alt Vet is receiving! The Chi Institute added it to their bookstore and while I was there teaching I had the pleasure to sign many copies.

Today, I received a personalized note from Sheriff Grady Judd. He congratulated me on my book and made my day!

The best news by far has been from a client that told me she fixed her dog’s skin problem by reading the food chapter in Alt Vet!


Teaching Engagements

Just received the email advertising my upcoming Advanced Acupuncture Teaching Engagement. I am scheduled to teach Advanced and Basic at both Chi Institute Fl and Costa Rica campuses. In addition, I will be presenting at The World Acupuncture Congress in Toronto so August promises to be a busy month!

Teaching TCVM is my passion and the reason I wrote my book Alt-Vet!





My book Al-Vet: The Revolutionary Pet Care and Longevity Solution is being released May 1st and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! Part of the proceeds goes to fund my We love Pets fund and the Humane Society Second Chance Fund as well!

Please click and buy today, the strays will appreciate you!