Teaching Journeys Ahead

I am pleased to announce I will be traveling to Costa Rica in February in order to lead the wet lab for the Balance Method Class. This technique differs from standard acupuncture in that it offers treatments with minimal needles ( only 1-3). I have found big success using the technique and collaborated with the Chi Costa Rica by providing 3 hours of clinical cases and point demonstration through their online lectures module.

I also accepted a position as teacher and lab assistant at the newly formed Chi Peru Institute. It is for their basic course in Spanish. I long to see Peru again as it is a wonderful and very spiritual country.

During 2019 I will be teaching both Spring and Fall Basic & Advance Acupuncture.

I am starting pet owner level classes in the popular site skillshare. My first class is on Tui Na massage for pets but I am working on Food therapy, acupressure techniques and more!

I am also ready to start writing my second book, it will be a bit different than my first, it might just be a kindle release but will try to be more about stories of miraculous pet healings using TCVM, so it will be more personal than Alt-Vet.


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